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Links: Music at Minimum Wage, EJN Sampler, Hank Jones

Still working on part 3 of the big jazz philanthropy/gig discussion, but in the meantime, here’s a cheery infographic about the kinds of numbers a 21st-century musician would have to move to earn minimum wage selling albums (either physically or digitally). Needless to say, it makes me think the whole shebang is better viewed as a way to “get your stuff out there,” than as a moneymaking endeavor, unless you manage to get a cut on a car commercial or something. (Fortunately, Taco Bell is hiring–be sure to tell them about your jazz theory expertise!)

Speaking of digital distribution: the title track from Contextualizin’ is being featured on this week’s edition of the eJazzNews Sampler, along with some vintage Jaco and other great artists. Download it for FREE here.

Also: in memory of the amazing Hank Jones (who passed away today after an incredibly long and productive career), WKCR, the world’s greatest jazz station, is playing a marathon of his music right now. Check it out immediately!