New Album Update!

Hello folks, happy summer to you all! I hope you’re all OD’ing on corn dogs and peaches and outdoor shows while the gettin’ is good. I wanted to give an update on my upcoming, soon-to-be-but-not-yet titled new album.

After an outstanding house concert in the spring, we learned the sad but exciting news that the great Evan Francis was heading for New York, and decided it would be a crime to put this new music on disc without him. We were lucky to find a single day prior to Evan’s skipping town which worked for all six of us (plus our engineer Dan Feiszli), so we filed into Studio Trilogy in SF for an 11-hour, nine-tune marathon in early June. This challenged chops, fingers, tempers, and attention spans, but at the end of the day (literally), everyone was very happy with the result (or so they said!).

Currently Dan and I are knee-deep in the mixing process, and it’s looking like the album will be released in January (kind of a long wait but we have to avoid the jazz radio Christmas music crunch for obvious reasons). The disc will feature all new 6-piece compositions and arrangements, including six originals plus reworkings of music by Ives, Stravinsky, and Neil Young.

Look for more details soon about the CD release and show dates. (And I’ll be back soon with a fresh installment of “New to Me.”)

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