Jazz in Space/ICON Review, Friday Show

ANOTHER CONTEXTUALIZIN’ REVIEW: Although my CD has been out for a few months now and has slipped off the jazz charts (but how gratifying that was while it lasted!), there are still some nice reviews trickling in from time to time–for example, the following by Nick Bewsey, which appears both in this month’s ICON Magazine and Bewsey’s blog, Jazz in Space:

West Coast trumpeter, Ian Carey, might also be described as a short story writer because his songs are uniquely narrative in form. Carey, who in tone and spirit resembles Art Farmer, writes tunes that are inquisitive and probing–they go somewhere–and his fine band stands at the ready as Carey’s imagination and musicality leads the way. On trumpet or flugelhorn he casts a warm patina over eight original compositions and one cover, “Just Friends,” that illustrates the organic sounding rapport Carey shares with alto saxophonist Evan Francis, pianist Adam Shulman, bassist Fred Randolph and drummer Jon Arkin. … As a composer, Carey encourages thoughtful interplay. Witness the tension between Carey and pianist Shulman on the moody “Questions” and further in, where Francis’ alto explores pathways of sound as if in a hedge maze, venturing one way then another all the while framed by the bassist and drummer. The most rewarding tune, “Leap Year” has a modern texture provided by Shulman on Fender Rhodes, and it grabs your ear with its loping, waltz-like structure. But start with the title tune, with its confident theme and front-line horns, because it exemplifies Carey’s natural ability to express ideas that percolate with emotion and by its conclusion, you’ll feel a satisfying release that leaves you anticipating the next tale he will tell.

… you can read the entire review here. Any press is great, of course, but reviews like this, where it’s obvious the writer really thought about the music and responded to it honestly, are a real boost.

GIG ALERT: For those of you in the Bay Area, I’ll be playing this Friday, May 7 at the Orbit Room (on Market St.) with bassist Ollie Dudek and his trio, from 9:30pm to 1am. We’ll be playing standards and jazz classics, and there’s no cover. Come on by, have a cocktail and take in the sounds!

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