Interview Tuesday + Exclusive Free Bonus Track from “Roads & Codes”

Hello folks, one quick announcement and then a free bonus download!

First, the announcement: I’m going to be on the Bay Area’s great jazz station, KCSM Jazz 91, this week, talking with Alisa Clancy about Roads & Codes (and playing some tunes from the album, too). Local folks can listen at 91.1 on their FM dial, and out-of-towners can stream live here. Tune in to hear me run my mouth off about any number of things!

WHAT: Ian Carey interview on Morning Cup of Jazz with Alisa Clancy
WHERE: 91.1 FM or
WHEN: Tuesday, February 19, 9am

Click to see full-size.Next, just as a bonus to everyone out there in internet-land, here’s a free bonus track from my new album, Roads & Codes. It’s an alternate take of my Samurai movie-inspired attempt at a blues Joe Henderson would’ve enjoyed playing, “Nemuri Kyoshiro.”

During mixing, I went back and forth about a million times about which take I preferred–the fast and (very) loose first take, or the slightly more relaxed and swinging second take. After picking the brains of many of my musical friends, I settled on the first take. I then promptly changed my mind after last-minute but convincing feedback from another friend–“I know you think your solo was better on the first take, but you’re wrong, and here’s why”–and put the second one on the album.

But, I thought, why not throw Take 1 out there as a bonus? Then people can make up their own minds! So here it is!

Ian Carey Quintet+1: Nemuri Kyoshiro (Alt. Take)

(w/ Adam Shulman, piano; Ian Carey, trumpet; Fred Randolph, bass; Evan Francis, tenor saxophone; Kasey Knudsen, alto saxophone; Jon Arkin, drums. Recorded 6/5/12 at Studio Trilogy, San Francisco, Dan Feiszli, engineer.)

Don’t forget, Roads & Codes drops this Tuesday on radio & stores, with CD release show Thursday, Feb. 21 at the Sound Room in Oakland!

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