Marc Myers’ Jazzwax is one of the great online jazz resources to pop up over the past few years, featuring eye-opening interviews with a wide variety of jazz personalities, from living legends to under-appreciated folks who nevertheless have interesting stories to tell. So it’s immensely gratifying to me that Marc chose Contextualizin’ as a “Discovery of the Week“:

I dig Ian Carey. He’s a trumpeter with a clean, clear sound who understands that there are listeners at the other end of recordings. On his new album, you hear Ian’s tender sound on the horn and his passion for harmony. Deep down, Ian’s a romantic traditionalist, and his reverence for velvet simplicity and heart-touching tones is evident. When the music on this album hits your ear, you want to hear more. It’s a strange sensation. All of the songs on the CD except one (Just Friends) were composed by Ian, and all clearly were carefully thought through to maximize warmth and gentle urgency. Fortunately, Ian’s quintet is of the same mind… I can’t stop playing this CD.

It’s also great to hear that Marc will be starting a new book on jazz history from the 40s to the 70s–can’t wait to check it out.

UPDATE 2/27: A nice brief review from Stanford University’s KZSU Radio:

Carey rocks on trumpet and flugelhorn, displaying a crisp technique and warm musicality. All (except for #5) are original compositions, and they showcase his sharp style and the tightness of his band, all of whom get a chance to shine through ample solos.

Contextualizin’ is available on CDBaby, iTunes, LaLa, and you can download a free track from the album at All About Jazz.

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