Contextualizin’ on “Fresh Air” (sort of!)

Thanks to some quick listening by our bassist Fred Randolph (who was in a cab on his way to the airport) and some help in tracking down the details from Mitchell Feldman, I learned this weekend that the tune “Sockdolager” from our latest CD was used as “interlude music” on NPR’s Fresh Air on June 24.

While it’s not quite the same as a review, it’s definitely cool to hear us while Terry Gross reads the credits, and I like the idea of the tune going out on the 450 or so stations which carry the show.

You can listen to the entire story where the tune was heard at NPR’s website, or just the snippet of us rocking away behind Ms. Gross’ dulcet tones right here:

UPDATE 7/26: And another track! “Shake & Joe,” one of the cheerier tunes on the record, was heard last week. Hopefully it helped counteract a depressing (but interesting of course) analysis of the new financial bill. (Thanks again for the quick hearing, Fred!)

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